We offer a consultancy service to Xero users who are unable to, or just don’t have the time to setup the Xero accounts system themselves.

Xero is a wonderful system and very easy to use but like any accounts system if it is setup badly then it can be difficult to get the right information in to and out of, it can also be very costly to put right. It is extremely important that your nominal accounts and bank accounts are all setup to your exact business needs.

We are experts at setting up Xero and can usually have your system customised to the exact needs of you and your business within an hour or two. We can also design you a set of customised Invoice, Credit Note, Statement and Purchase Order templates as well with our Xero template design service.

Once Xero has been setup correctly you will find it a lot easier to use because everything will look the way you need and hopefully you should be able to jump straight in using the system.

We also offer a tailored Xero training service if you need more in depth help on any part of the Xero system.


Call us on 01202 649997 or send us an email to hello@singlepoint.email