I first met Tina from SinglePoint BookKeeping Services last month needing some help with our books, Tina quickly jumped into reviewing them and got things sorted.

We are a startup in a niche industry where we generate revenue through R&D, have investors supporting the development of a product combined with a government grant that is accelerating our ability to build a final product that will then be manufactured and sold to international customers.

Tina has had to time travel in multiple directions for us, in order to ensure that the books are managed now in a way that allows growth in the future as well as accuracy and compliance so the different sources of income are each allocated correctly – it’s a mind bender and after two years, 5 bookkeepers and 3 accountants, we’ve finally found someone capable of the challenge!

Tina is someone who cares about your business and wants you to succeed – just with great books!

Tina is amazing, it’s that simple.

– Sarah Morgan, Nano-Lit Technologies