With over 28 years of experience in BookKeeping and Payroll based in Dorset along with over 20 years of experience in the I.T. support arena.

We really can offer our clients a truly unique level of service.

With an extensive and varied knowledge of different business types ranging from one man bands to construction companies, coffee shops through to very large corporate’s including multinational I.T. companies, and offshore banking. Each of these environments presented a varied and unique set of challenges and experiences. Using all this knowledge we can confidently guide your business in a wide range of not only BookKeeping, Payroll and Credit Control but also I.T. procedures and systems. It’s not just the basic BookKeeping and I.T. with us at SinglePoint we are here to help your business succeed in many different ways.

By having SinglePoint BookKeeping Services on board you have the benefit of this knowledge which is collective of all these different trades and industries all under the one roof. With all the different experience that we gain along the way we see what works and what doesn’t, learning by other people’s successes along with their mistakes passing this on to you, our customers.

Quite often you may find yourself using a system that was set up by a predecessor who hadn’t changed or improved anything forward in a long time if at all. Keeping your business moving is a key part to the growth of any business and at SinglePoint BookKeeping Services we hope to help your business grow. Part of the service we offer is to highlight issues we may find with your systems and procedures and suggest ways in which these issues can be fixed or removed.

A very good example of where many businesses waste time and we advise of change is if they still have to get two Directors to sign a cheque, this is not only time consuming but expensive as most banks charge for the use of cheques. Online banking is the answer to this issue, it’s easy to get setup and secure. There are a lot of different options of how this can be setup including giving your BookKeeper read only access to your account so payments can be setup then passed back to you to be authorised for processing.

Not all change has to cost money in actual fact at times it can save it, and that is what we aim to do.


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