Well, I first started working for a small local caravan company on a youth opportunity programme and like most young people changing jobs frequently I was quite quickly widening my experience to all aspects of office work as I went. I then joined an Induction Heating company which traded internationally quite an extreme from my first job but it is where I had my first experience of accounts work.

A wealth of experience
I have been in the accounts arena one way or another for over 27 years now, working in a multitude of trades, construction, engineering, retail, food and most recently Information Technology and a Coffee shop. I know some say these two do not go together but as long as your coffee stays away from your keyboard it will be fine honestly.

And then there was four
Even when my two children came along 10 years ago, I still maintained working part time so as not to lose touch with the movement of technology. I have an avid interest, you may even say even a hobby in Information Technology and as my fiancé Matt works within this field I easily keep right up to date with the latest happenings.

Hidden talents
I am a very diverse person and the other main string to my bow is that I am a fully qualified Aromatherapist I have several Health therapy qualifications including Shiatsu and Eastern Head Massage, so if the stress of the accounts gets too much I can swap my heads and de-stress you with a head massage.

I have a love for life and laughter; I keep friends for many years, decades in fact, but enjoy meeting and making new friends whether that is in my personal life or professionally. To experience new things I think is important in life.

Hopefully I can use my professional and life skills to help you get more from your business.

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