Before I even left school computers were more than a hobby to me. Some would say I could fix a computer quicker than I could spell my name, so it was no surprise that I followed that love all the way through my career.

Through my 20 years of experience I have continually changed jobs, gaining a wide variety of experience from small companies to large corporate’s, but no matter what the company the service to the personnel was always the same from the lowest to the highest ranking staff, all were treated with the same importance. It is this approach that has gained me much respect in my field.

From the basic computer builds and application support to configuration and support of large scale Cisco firewall’s, routers and switches, Microsoft Active Directory & Exchange implementations, all these areas I have extensive experience in.

When I met Tina things changed, I moved from London to be with her and her children. She decided after a couple of years to go self employed and that was when I created my first website. That sparked an interest which meant a lot of learning and that has now turned into a job. Website design has now taken it’s place alongside a huge amount of skill within the IT arena and is used on a daily basis for our own business as well as our clients.

TME Books was so successful that I left my full time employment with a large data centre to work alongside Tina, together we expanded the business to create Singlepoint BookKeeping Services Limited in January of 2011.

This story is to be continued

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